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Film Recommendation: Your Sister's Sister

20120709 Marquee.jpg

Hey everyone, its going to be short posts this week as I am behind on my feature film scripts. Anyways, over the weekend I saw the film "Your Sister's Sister" which stars Emily Blunt and is written/directed by Lynn Shelton. I won't get into the premise but in short I thought this was a great film.

To begin with the dialog is fantastic. Lynn Shelton manages to write compelling conversations yet have them sound natural. Sitting in the theater I was almost mad at the quality of the script, making me realize that this woman is a hell of a writer and that I have a lot of work to do to catch up. These characters feel like real people and feel grounded despite the somewhat rediculous premise.

Good writing usually elicits good acting, but the cast goes above and beyond portaying their characters as real but flawed individuals. Emily Blunt shows a nuanced performance where she exhibits multiple traits and emotions simultaneously. Rosemarie Dewitt's role is a little less demanding, but in her important moments she shines as well and expresses a vulnerable yet caring character.

However, the real standout for me was Mark Duplass. I've heard great things about The League but I never have gotten into it and as a director I enjoyed his debut feature Cyrus. Nevertheless, I thought he'd likely be the weak link in the cast. Gladly, I can say I couldn't have been more wrong. His performance of a drinking, bull shitting, sarcastic young adult named Jack, you'd think his character would be rather unlikeable. What's interesting though is despite all his flaws Duplass plays him to be someone thats enjoyable to be around. At times he does dumb or mean things, but there is something good natured about him. That's a really tough role to pull off but he does it almost flawlessly.

This could be a hard one to find as its only in limited release and also if you don't like slow indie films this is probably not for you. For me, its a easy recommendation that's unlike anything I've seen this year.