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Call of Duty goes Free to Play

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After going to Vegas I've been trying to catch up on news and found this interesting piece of news:


Activision, partnering with Chinese game company Tencent, is launching a free-to-play Call of Duty shooter in the Chinese market, the companies revealed this morning. "Call of Duty Online" is the name, but beyond that little is known


Personally this feels like a good move by Activision. First, it will allow them to enter a market they have really no footprint in with a model that is more palettable for the Chinese gamer. If Activision did they type of model in America, it would likely have a negative impact on their retail Call of Duty Games. In China though, this could lead to millions of potential new customers for Activision.


Another great thing for Activision about this move is theis will get them familiar with applying the free to play model with their Call of Duty franchise. This may not be a good thing for consumer's wallets, but if they can find a model of success in China you can be sure that Activision will attempt free-to-play in America. 


The one wrinkle I see with this idea is the fact that a Chinese company is making the game. There is some merit in this choice as Tencent has a lot of success and experience in this market, something Activision lacks. However, this company has never made a Call of Duty game and if they aren't able to meet the standards that Infinity Ward and Treyarch have created than they could kill the Call of Duy brand in China before it begins.


So what do you all think? Is it a good idea? Do you even like free-to-play? Are you one of those people that feel the last good shooter was Quake 3? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.