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Yahoo Passwords from Late 90's Stolen from Elderly

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Today we have had a security breach so far reaching that discussions on cyber warfare will surely reignite. Deadline reports:

Yahoo says it’s investigating reports of a security breach that may have affected nearly half a million users. The company says it’s looking into “claims of a compromise of Yahoo! user IDS” but did not disclose the size of the reported breach or how it may have happened, The Associated Press reports. Tech news websites, including CNET, Ars Technica, and Mashable are reporting a little-known group, the D33D Company, has claimed responsibility for the attack. 

Now you may be asking "You use Yahoo still?" to which I can answer, "No". Actually, I looked at my gMail contacts to find that out of 300 addresses, only 20 are Yahoo. Still, this is serious I tell you!

So to help you in avoiding damage from Yahoo I have made a comprehensive list of steps you can take to avoid future compromises to your password data:

- Don't use Yahoo

That's it! Simple right? Now you can go on using the internet feeling safe and secure.

Oh, and you won't have to use Yahoo anymore which is garbage.