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The World's Worst Ever Movie Idea May Get Made.

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           Sometimes you hear about a movie idea that is so bad that it doesn't just make you go "that probably won't be good" but "How could that be made?". You may be asking yourself, "What do you mean by how can it be made? Are you referring to why someone would make it or how someone would make it?". It can be either but in this case you could make the argument that its both. I'll let Deadline do the pitch

Warner Bros is negotiating a rights deal to use The Guinness Book Of World Records as the basis for an action adventure film. The film has been set up at WB-based Thunder Road, and the studio has hired Danny Chun (The Office) to write the script. 


Warner Bros. and Thunder Road, what the hell is this movie going to be? Oh wait you have no clue cause you don't have a script yet. Seriously though, how are you going to fit the idea of world records into an Action Adventure movie? 

As I screenwriter I feel this this is a challenge to my creativity. So below, here are some pitches I came up with:

Title for all Pitches: Gunniess Book of World Records

1st Pitch
Star - Liam Neeson
Plot: After having his daughter kidnapped for ransom by the Yakuza, a brave father is forced to enter a tournament where records are broken.
Budget: $50 Million
Pros: This allows for proper use of the World Records brand and opportunities for Liam Neeson to give baddies a beat down.
Cons: There aren't enough successful Asian actors in Hollywood to cast for the Yakuza. This may require a bump in the budget so we can CG some of them into the action scenes.

2nd Pitch
Star - Will Smith
Plot: A distant uncle has passed and given down on his luck Terrance millions from his inheritance. However, he has to break ten world records in 48 hours or the money goes to charity.
Budget: $200 Million (I don't know why this much, really it should only be 30 million, but its a Will Smith movie.)
Pros: Will Smith is a likeable dude and its been a while since we've seen a rags to riches story.
Cons: Since its a Will Smith movie, there is a chance that we would need to cast his son.

3rd Pitch
Star - Philip Seymour Hoffman 
Plot: Unhappy with his marriage, carreer, and life in general, Danny attempts to start breaking world records.
Budget: $10 Million
Pros: This actually could be a decent movie.
Cons: Its not an action adventure movie and despite its low budget would likely lose money.

Commenters, your pitches are welcome as well. 

One last thing I want to point out, this is optioned to be written by Danny Chun who is a showrunner for The Office. The problem is that he wasn't there for the far superior second season of the show, but the later seasons which includes the last one. Did you see any of the last season of The Office? Yeah, it sucked. 

My better judgement feels this movie won't get made. I mean, there has to be someone holding the money that will go "This is a terrible business decision". Still, even if it doesn't happen its inexplainable how this project has gotten this far. Already, probably at least a million dollars in costs has been incurred for this idea and amazingly it still has a shot at getting made. 

This may be a terrible idea for a film but you almost gotta admire the moxy.