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As you can tell with the second box on the right, I have added a widget to track my recently created Twitter account. The plan is that this won't be used for promoting articles on the blog because thats redundant and you can sign up to the RSS feed if you want to be updated. My plan for Twitter is to present articles that I thought were interesting/funny/stupid but that couldn't be deconstructed in an original manner via the blog. When doing the Tipping Forties Podcast, the top 5 was a good medium to present these stories but I'm hoping that this Twitter account can perform a similar purpose.
I never really had a twitter account and to be honest its really uncomfortable for me to use a service so socially focused. The idea of following other users just inherently feels imposing to me but I know this I'm just being crazy. I want followers of this Twitter, and most importantly myself, to feel comfortable following one another but with all things this will take time. To me, more interaction between all of us is key for this blog/Twitter to work .
So I told you what I have planned for the Twitter account but do you have any additional suggestions on other types of content?  I'd be interested in seeing your opinions on this because I don't want a Twitter that you guys will regret following. Again, open for suggetions. Just don't bother if your suggestion is "Drunk Tweets" or this.