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Some of the benefits of living in Phoenix are:


- Cheap Housing
- Cheap Mexican Food 
- Cheap Landscaping 
- Cars last forever here


And possibly one of the best reasons, Phoenix is less than five hours away from one of the most absurdly stupid, gaudy, and decedent places in the world. The only place where you can go from an Egyptian Pyramid, to a medieval castle via a free tram. You thought it wasn't possible to see a 65 year old overweight woman with a fannie pack looking at $1200 heels at Jimmy Choo, but it not only happens in here, its expected. Of course, I'm talking about the illuminated armpit that is Las Vegas.


I can't really say why I love Las Vegas. I don't gamble much, I don't go to clubs and I sure don't care about the shows. There is great food (if you're willing to pay for it) and there are actually very nice places to have a drink and just relax. But if these were all Vegas had for me, it wouldn't be worth the price of admission.


The real great thing about Vegas is that time ceases to exist. You go from themed hotel to themed hotel, getting free drinks and watching all the other strangers doing the same thing. If they aren't doing the same thing, then usually they are hating the place with a passion and in a way it almost makes you enjoy Vegas more. You look at them like they're not doing it right, or that its there fault for coming to Las Vegas in the first place. If you're not into a schizophrenic haze of bright lights, gambling and drinks then frankly you shouldn't go to Vegas.


I will write a post-Vegas article on Monday as well, but I wanted to share what plans we got so far:


Video Poker - Some of the guys will go play Blackjack but those guys are insane and will lose a couple hundred bucks. For me, its the simplicity of video poker. The odds are stupid easy to play and while the house always wins, the amounts lost are so small its easily off-set by all the free drinks you get. What is that you say, free drinks? Yes, they give you free drinks to gamble in Vegas. We have gambling in Phoenix but they don't do this so guess what, I never gamble here. Also, if you give a tip for each drink you get (I usually give a dollar or two on each drink) they will serve you just as much at the idiots losing hundreds at the poker tables.

Euro Cup Final - This was a happy accident. 2 years ago, we happened to go to Vegas the same weekend as the World Cup Final between Spain and the Netherlands.It was great because while it wasn't completely packed in the Caesar's Palace viewing area there was a good sized but loyal crowd. The real highlight was watching the people who got a booth with a phone to watch the game. These high rollers usually were sitting in for someone with far more money. You could tell because they were constantly on the phone nervously speaking things in Arabic to someone on the other side. The game went into extra time and these guys looked like Casper, they just wanted Spain to win so they didn't get their legs broken. 
When Spain scored in extra time and won, these men rejoiced in a way where they had this glow. Almost as if someone saves you from falling off a cliff. They were regaining their breath as if they hadn't gotten Oxygen in a good half.

Nice Dinner - Vegas is a great place to get an amazing meal. In the past, I have eaten at Bouchon, Sage, and Olives. They were all great and this year we plan to waste an exorbitant amount of money at some new restaurant I haven't tried. Yep, this is my Blackjack table.


I look forward to seeing how this trip goes as I'm sure there will be a number of surprises. Be back on Monday will my update from Las Vegas but if you have any suggestions of things to do in Vegas leave them in the comments section.


Wish me luck.