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Everybody Wins with Supreme Court's SB1070 Decision!

Yesterday, the Surpreme Court decided to throw out 3 out of 4 provisions in the controversial SB1070 law. If you are not familiar with SB1070 you can read about it here, but in short the law was to address illegals through ownerous police monitoring.

Well, with any Supreme Court decision there is usually a side that is considered the winner. So I decided to determine who the big winner/loser was in all this.

A good place to start is the Obama Administration, since they are the ones who initially challenged Arizona arguing that it is not the state's right to supersede on border issues. Here's what they said in a press release:

"I am pleased that the Supreme Court has struck down key provisions of Arizona's immigration law. What this decision makes unmistakably clear is that Congress must act on comprehensive immigration reform."

Since the President is claiming victory. Then I'm assuming that Arizona is the loser right? They did have a majority of SB1070 thrown out, so they must feel like the defeated here:

Jan Brewer - "Today’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court is a victory for the rule of law. It is also a victory for the 10th Amendment and all Americans who believe in the inherent right and responsibility of states to defend their citizens. After more than two years of legal challenges, the heart of SB 1070 can now be implemented in accordance with the U.S. Constitution."

Jon Kyl/John McCain(I guess its too hard each having to write a press release.)
“While we still want to fully review the Supreme Court’s decision, today’s ruling appears to validate a key component of Arizona’s immigration law, SB 1070."


Okay, so both the Plaintiff and Defendant claim victory. So maybe the Latinos are the losers. They do tend to be under represented in our culture. Maybe they feel neither side had their interest in all this:

 Janet Murguia, President of the National Council of La Raza told CNN that "striking down the other provisions is a victory we can claim,” but upholding any part of Section 2B keeps alive the threat to Arizona Latinos’ civil rights.
Allowing local police to determine someone’s immigration status is a “huge problem and should be left to the federal authorities,"she said.

Ok so they both won and lost. I guess the Latinos are the Timothy Bradley of this court decision.

I guess everyone's a winner with SB1070! Sometimes, government just works folks! If you still think the remaining provision is absolutely terrible and unenforceable don't worry, cause you still won the case. Why admit defeat in America, instead lets all say we're winners to avoid any political/personal damage.

It's like a game of tee ball, everyone gets to hit and circle the bases. Enjoying a moment of glory even if it is sort of meaningless and doesn't accomplish anything. Afterwards, everyone celebrates on the steps of the courthouse drinking Capri Suns brought by Chief Justice Roberts mother. Once the Pacific Cooler runs dry, the parties involved can go burn ants with a magnifying glass (Or if you're President Obama Pakistani children with predator drones!). 

I can't wait to see how everyone wins when the Supreme Court decides on the individual mandate.