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Castle teaches us about milk shakes

Above is a video I got with my DVR from the ABC television series, Castle. Now, I am not a viewer of Castle because I hate procedural dramas and whenever I saw the trailers for it I thought it looked boring. How I ran into this gem was simply switching channels and just at the right second hearing this nonsense.

Working at a ice cream parlor in my teenage years, I learned that chocolate milk shakes are composed of two ingredients: Milk and Chocolate ice cream. If you're feeling a little fancy, maybe some chocolate syrup. So how does a milk shake get uniquely identified from these ingredients? Oh I know, it doesn't. Cause that isn't possible.

Also, lets say they can uniquely identify the shake. How does one get a sample of the food from the body? Food in your stomach all mixes together and is subjected to numerous acids/enzymes. How the hell do you determine that a milk shake was in their stomach? Even if you did, can you possibly match the shake since its been compromised during the shake being broken down? No.

I don't know why I bother explaining the problems because I assume you hear the dumb in it without my observations. If you watch this show let me tell you that the screenwriter thinks you are a moron.