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Ghost Shows

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      I will write something more substantial tomorrow but I wanted to share with you my opinion on Ghost Shows. Some international readers of this blog may be going "What's a ghost show" so let me explain. A ghost show is where a group of paranormal "experts" go to a reportedly haunted place and try to verify the existence of supernatural entities, usually ghosts. The experts then stumble through the estate, collecting readings and footage then at the end of the episode present the evidence to the estate owner. Most times, they will not confirm the existance of ghosts but will leave an idea with the owner that there is a chance they exist in the residence because something UNEXPLAINED happened. 


There are many of these shows and I can comfortably say that if all of these shows ceased to exist from this planet, I'd be a happy man. How many times do I need to see "professional ghost hunters" combing the halls in night vision? Or listen to the estate owner going "I don't usually believe in the supernatural, BUT THIS IS REAL."? Hearing the professionals say "You hear that?" and crap their pants anytime the house is settling? Listening to audio recordings and futzing with their Fruity Loops preferences to make a ghost sound come out of the speaker? 


Let me tell you I never need to see any of it but more important I feel that if I never had seen these programs I would be a better person. Watching these shows make you not only not believe in ghosts, but they make you not believe in humanity. Individuals that partcipate to be on these shows, including the "professionals", are the most fearful, weak, and pathetic people you can see on television.


Also, if these guys find out that you have ghosts, what piece of mind does this provide? Oh, I know it allows you to give a smug look into the camera telling your sub-intelligent audience "See, and you thought I was crazy. Proved you wrong." First, you didn't prove anything cause the evidence collected was staged or obviously fabricated. Even so, lets say you actually have ghosts in your place. Now you have proof that you have a bunch of ghosts in your place. Its not like they are going away. So now you get to live with a bunch of Caspers flying around and intruding on your life. Yep, you showed me all right.


So, in conclusion, don't watch ghost shows. They are dumb shows about dumb people helping other dumber people prove the existence of an extremely dumb made up entities. If you watch these shows, you are validating their scam and do you really want to be a part of that?


Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some John Edward's Crossing Over to catch up with on my DVR.