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Project Suggestions: Genre and Length

One of the main reasons I left Tipping Forties was because I didn't have the time or reason to write projects that Tipping Forties couldn't make in the near future. All of us, especially me, hoped that High Low would make enough of an impact at festivals for us to product another feature film or at least a pilot.


As you all know, things didn't go as we had hoped and the prospect of working in online media again frustrated me as a writer. Minus a few exceptions, I don't like web series because the expected run time of them (3-5 minutes) makes writing compelling, organic characters almost impossible. Imagine trying to establish a new character and have a basic plot in five minutes? Unless you exposition bomb the plot for the episode either you're going to run long or the plot lines will be extremely limited. I wanted some space to write real dialog and I was tired of trying to fit it into such a limited run time.


Anyways, currently I'm going to unfortunately avoid any type of video production to focus on developing my writing portfolio. Over the next six weeks I have slated myself five projects: 2 feature films, 2 TV Pilots and a test script for an already established show. Its going to be a considerable amount of work but I feel this should round out my portfolio for the most part.


One other thing I wanted to do, with a less established timeline, is to take suggestions from the readers on a direction to take on another side project. I'm not asking for specific ideas as that would be messed up. Instead, I want to see something more broad that could maybe gestate new ideas for me. Sometimes as a writer, you tend to get stuck writing the same types of films. Doing this exercise should allow for me to get outside my comfort zone and possibly lead to a really interesting script. At the end of the process I will then share it here for your feedback and suggestions.
So if you want, provide the following in the comments section:
  • Genre
  • Run Time
  • Main Character's situation in one word. Examples are "adversity", "love", "revenge", "feltching". Honestly, anything you want.
That's it. If there is a suggestion you like, reply to their comment and say you vote for it as well. The comment with the most votes will be the one I write.