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Welcome to My Site

Salutations. My name is Michael Nierstedt and this is where you can find all of my musings (rants) as well as information about any of my past and current projects. The purpose of this site is mainly to perform shameful, pandering self-branding. However, it's also important that all the content that I provide is unique in some fashion, either with my persepective or subject matter. If you want to look at re-posts thats what Gawker or Huffington Post are for, not this site.

So my plan is to post around five times a week regarding anything I feel I want to talk about. This could be my personal projects, but it also could mean entertainment, politics, media, sports. Again whatever is on my mind that day that is unique in some way will be a possibility.  

Thanks for checking out the new site and I will begin posting tomorrow.